Aerlang electric scooter new controller climbing test

Test result:

Mountain height: 500m
Mileage: 2.9km
Loading: 80kg
Average speed: 20km/h
Controller Max temperature: 54℃

Instruction to intall the new controller for Aerlang scooter

The new controller has a big smooth surface that touches the scooter deck, so MOS heat can quickly dissipate. This can also greatly reduce the controller damage.

2 ways to intall the new controller

1. Normally, for the old H6 scooter, you can install the same as before, but the overheating problem may happen when climbing a long uphill road because the heat conduction of the heat dissipation bracket is not good. But for city riding, this installation is already good enough.

2. If you can drill an M4 screw hole on the scooter deck and fix the controller to the scooter deck, make sure the controller’s big smooth surface touches the scooter deck. The heat of the controller will directly conduct to the scooter deck and will no longer overheat. Just as the climbing test video above.

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