This is about how to maintain the electric scooter

Aerlang electric scooter new controller climbing test

Test result: Mountain height: 500mMileage: 2.9kmLoading: 80kgAverage speed: 20km/hController Max temperature: 54℃ —> Buy link for the new controller Instruction to intall the new controller for Aerlang scooter The new controller has a big smooth surface that touches the scooter deck, so MOS heat can quickly dissipate. This can also greatly reduce the controller damage. …

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How to connect the Aerlang Scooter APP

1, Scan the following QR code to download the APP.2. Turn on the Aerlang scooter, and turn on the phone Bluetooth.3, Fill in your scooter ID and your email.4. Select your scooter’s Bluetooth signal. (Cancel the demo mode) Click to download the Aerlang APP

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